Why I Love Tech

Recently I was talking about stuff on WikiGodPod, a podcast out of the Greater Toronto Area (I live close to GTA in Kitchener) centred around our stories and how that shapes how we understand God.

I’m not somebody who speaks well without preparation, so the potential questions were sent in advance and I spent a few hours the night before and morning of planning. I figure since I already spent those hours writing notes, I may as well clean them up a bit and publish them here.

So without further ado, the first question:

You’re a tech guy? What do you love about it? (more…)

The Super Bowl Prostitution Myth

Super Bowl 49Every year I see at least a few people claiming as a matter of fact that the Super Bowl is the worst day/event of the year for sex trafficking by a wide margin. It’s a logical claim. It is the most stereotypically-manly day of the year. A lot of men travel to the Super Bowl without their significant others. Plus these men have to be pretty wealthy to have Super Bowl tickets and willing to use that wealth for short-term good experiences, so it makes sense they would use it for prostitution as well. Put it all together and you get wealthy high-on-testosterone men without their significant others looking for other “manly” things to do, which apparently having sex with a slave qualifies as. In theory, it is the perfect storm for increased prostitution, including those who were trafficked.

The problem is that it simply isn’t true. Or more accurately, there is zero evidence that sex trafficking or even prostitution in general increases for the Super Bowl. (more…)

Talking About Stuff on WikiGodPod

WikiGodPod: Our Stories Shaping GodA week and a half ago, I was interviewed by Mark Groleau for WikiGodPod. It was published this past Monday so you can check it out from the WikiGodPod website or through iTunes or other RSS readers. Aside from my own, I’m happy to recommend this podcast. It brings in a different voice from somewhere in Southern Ontario each week to talk about a range of different things.

In my chat with Mark, we covered my work with the Canadian Bible Society, this blog, pacifism, MennoNerds with our book A Living Alternative, judgementalism around LGBTQ persons in the Church, and embracing our differences instead of condemning each other over them.


Generous Spaciousness by Wendy Gritter (Review)

New Direction CanadaI’ve provided a few quotes already from Wendy Gritter’s Generous Spaciousness. See the posts: Judgement in LGBT Debates, Internalizing Hate Messages, and Homosexuality: A Disputable Matter. Now for a more general review.

There are a few great books about same-sex marriage, one of the biggest issues in the church right now. The priority of most are to establish either that it is condemned by God (traditionalists/non-affirming) or blessed by God like any other marriage (affirming). Those books definitely have their place, especially for those who have to personally decide for themselves. This book, however, offers something that is more important, especially for the majority of us in the church who do not experience substantial same-sex attraction.

Birthing New Systems

"I never intend to adjust myself in economic conditions that will take necessities from the many to give luxuries to the few." - MLKAt our worship gathering Sunday morning, we sang the song “God of the Bible.” Verses 3-5 really stuck out to me, in many ways representing the best of the Anabaptist tradition. On MLK Day in the U.S., this seems like an appropriate segment to share.

Those without status,
those who are nothing,
You have made royal,
gifted with rights,
chosen as partners,
midwives of justice,
birthing new systems,
lighting new lights.

Not by your finger,
not by your anger,
will our world order
change in a day, but, by your people,
fearless and faithful,
small paper lanterns,
lighting the way.

Vicky Beeching at GCN Conference

I’m a big fan of Vicky Beeching. Her music is some of my favourite worship music, plus she’s a brilliant theologian, a bit of a tech nerd, funny, and British, so wins all around even before her recent coming out as a lesbian.

She recently provided a keynote at Gay Christian Network’s Conference. Her personal story is powerful and is probably similar to a lot of LGBTQ Christians (without the famous musician part). Her message about embracing stories and wrestling with God rather than settling for easy absolute answers is one we all need to hear, no matter our sexual orientation.

If you’re interested more in ministry with LGBTQ people, check out the upcoming MennoNerds podcast with New Direction Canada.

Homosexuality: A Disputable Matter

New Direction CanadaIn the chapter “A Disputable Matter?” Wendy Gritter of New Direction Canada fleshes out her suggested approach to issues around same-sex attraction. She begins with a discussion of the idea of disputable matters in the church, using texts like Romans 14 and 1 Corinthians 8-10. She also discusses Jesus’ words that people should be judged by the fruit of the spirit in their lives, not by whether they have their theology of gender and sexuality correct.

She then moves to the conclusion, applying it to this discussion:

To recap, Paul says that when we encounter a genuine believer who disagrees with us we need to accept them, without quarreling, without viewing them with contempt, and without a judgmental attitude. He says not to put a stumbling block in a brother’s or sister’s way and to work toward peace and mutual edification. He challenges us to keep our convictions about disputable matters to ourselves and to live consistently with our consciences. Imagine if that actually became our posture toward one another in this contentious conversation at the intersection of faith and sexuality. Imagine if we didn’t back one another into a corner demanding to know where we stand on this question of covenanted same-sex relationships as the ultimate orthodoxy test. Imagine if we did not judge the heart’s motivation of those who conclude differently than we do. Imagine if we ceased showing contempt to those who disagree with us. Imagine if we stopped our quarreling. Imagine if we no longer put stumbling blocks in the way of those who were deeply wrestling with these questions and desperately needing some safe space to search out God’s heart and will for them. If all those things were true, we would be experiencing the richness of generous spaciousness.


A Living Alternative Giveaway

A Living AlternativeIt’s that time where I am excited to offer up a copy of A Living Alternative! 

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Bible Translations Overview

Canadian Bible Society. The Word. For Life.With my work for the Canadian Bible Society, I have been converting some old PDF newsletters into HTML5 formats. One newsletter – Word @ Work Winter 2010 – included this helpful chart copied here. Therefore the following content is copyright of the Canadian Bible Society, not me. Note that since it was from 2010, it isn’t completely up to date, e.g. the newest revision of NIV or a personal favourite the Common English Bible (CEB).