3 Generations on Faith and Politics

This is a great video featuring 3 leading evangelicals on issues of the relationship between faith and politics. The idea is to represent 3 generations: Chuck Colson (my grandparents’ generation), Greg Boyd (my parents’), and Shane Claiborne (mine). If you’re a regular reader, you already know that the latter two are near the top of my list for leaders which most influence my own thought, Boyd a bit more than Claiborne.

Three Degrees of Separation from On Being on Vimeo.The video is really interesting because they do largely agree on the central thesis that politics must always be secondary to the Kingdom of God, and that there must be some differentiation between church and state including never marrying your definition of Christianity to any particular political party. From there, Colson clearly holds to much closer to what is typically considered normal in the US since they dominate the media, where he strongly supports the Republican party and thinks Christians should be using their faith as a dominant factor in deciding how they vote. Boyd thinks it is ok but not required to vote but cautions regularly against ever thinking that just because you’re a Christians means you know what’s best for your secular country, and therefore refuses to ever endorse any particular party. Claiborne basically avoids politics altogether, emphasizing the more radical ways in which Jesus changed society and calls us to do the same, and therefore wasn’t nearly as big of a factor in the conversation as Colson and Boyd but probably provided the most refreshing responses when he did speak.

Ryan Robinson

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