Act Like Jesus

Ryan Robinson

It is easiest to identify Ryan as both theologian and tech guy. By day, Ryan is a Technical Consultant work with PeaceWorks Technology Solutions. There, he works on websites, CRMs, and SharePoint implementations. Along with blogging here, Ryan is a founding member of the MennoNerds blogging network and a contributor to the book A Living Alternative.

1 Response

  1. Adam Rodrigues says:

    “This “act like men” attitude typically promotes dominance as strength,
    but I think that Jesus and the rest of the New Testament really models
    to us that it is really those who are weak who are strong. Jesus never
    sided with the power-brokers, and was in fact killed by them, so why
    would we say that being a real godly man means to be the type of man
    that killed Jesus and is consistently opposed by Scripture?”
    Great points. Thank you for putting them out there. I hope the egalitarian conversation can continue to grow given our postmodern climate. The longer “evangelical” seems equated with “patriarchal,” the further I think the contemporary church unnecessarily (and unjustifiably) pushes many people away.