American Experience Documentary: The Amish

Last night aired a documentary on PBS on the Amish. I haven’t watched the whole video yet, but here’s one really interesting section of the video (I didn’t see a way to embed the whole thing):

Watch The Amish on PBS. See more from American Experience.

In general, there are so many things I admire about the Amish: the strong value of church not as something you do but as something you are a part of, the seriousness given to the teachings of Jesus, the emphasis on forgiveness, and of course some of the other Anabaptist values that I also line up with like non-violence and rejection of consumerism. There are also things I don’t like, of course: the mentality of either being a part of the community or not with no in-between, all-male leadership, and some very detailed religious rules (that probably had a well-intended starting point but I’m guessing is largely lost now). Check out the documentary and leave comments on your thoughts.

Ryan Robinson

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