Atheists Help Vandalized Churches

Or maybe my title should say that “atheists try to help vandalized churches” but it’s close enough and it’s still pretty awesome. Last week there were a couple of churches in the U.S. that were vandalized in the name of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (for those who don’t know, it’s essentially an amusing atheist label as they think our conception of God is no more likely than an almighty flying spaghetti monster). Some atheists did applaud this of course, but many did not. Many atheists criticized the vandals, and some went even beyond that to actually raise money for those churches to do the repair, spear-headed by the man behind one of my favourite blogs, the “friendly atheist” Hemant Mehta. Last I heard he had raised about $3000 to help these churches fix the damage. Turned out there was very little expense needed to fix it so the money is being sent to the atheist charitable Foundation Beyond Belief but the churches were very happy at the offer. I think it speaks powerfully to the ability to be able to disagree on some of the big questions like the existence of God but still be able to work together against things that neither side wants like vandalism. After the break is a video from The Young Turks summarizing what happened:

Ryan Robinson

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