Best of 2012

Probably my favourite photo used this year

2012 for me included launching this new blogging platform on October 17th. So there are only a few months worth of statistics but I still felt like summarizing some of the most visited and some of my favourite blogs over those two and a bit months. Most of the posts started out elsewhere and were transferred, so some old ones that I remember being popular elsewhere are also listed here even if they didn’t do as well the past two months. As of writing this on December 28th I have had 3720 page views and 94 comments in those two months which I don’t think is too bad of a start.

Most Commented

The most commented post was my Year of Biblical Womanhood Giveaway, which makes lots of sense since that provided an entry to the contest. After that, the next most-commented on the site was The Dangers of Dispensationalism. Close behind on the site and gathering a fair bit more on my social network feeds was I Don’t Think That Verse Means What You Think It Means: John 14:6.

Most Viewed

Also after the Giveaway, my most-viewed post was my analysis of what Batman Begins has to say about fear. Also cracking 100 pageviews were my post critiquing Kathy Kellens’ response to A Year of Biblical Womanhood and my discussion of the Real #FirstWorldProblem. My review of In Time and posts on Biblical Manhood, Eschet Chayil, and the aforementioned post about John 14:6 also could hit that milestone by the end of the year.

Personal Favourites

For some of my personal favourites, I really enjoyed my entire series on A Year of Biblical Womanhood. That also claims my Book of the Year title, by the way. I also had a lot of fun with Ways I Am A Heretic even though most of my readers seemed to think there was nothing heretical about most of it and my discussion of the documentary Hellbound? And recently I questioned some of the terrible responses given to the Newtown shooting which was hardly a fun post but I felt was one of my more important ones.

It makes complete sense

Did you have any favourites from the blog these few months, or even any from the previous blog locations?

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