Biblical Inerrancy and the Nature of Truth

Ryan Robinson

It is easiest to identify Ryan as both theologian and tech guy. By day, Ryan is a Technical Consultant work with PeaceWorks Technology Solutions. There, he works on websites, CRMs, and SharePoint implementations. Along with blogging here, Ryan is a founding member of the MennoNerds blogging network and a contributor to the book A Living Alternative.

6 Responses

  1. Steve Kimes says:

    Those who insist on inerrency, interestingly enough, are children of the enlightenment, which in it’s early form rejected orthodox Christianity completely. We are now moving toward a more balanced, post-modern view of the Scriptures, which is similar to that of the church fathers.

  2. A.O. GREEN says:

    The Church Fathers are not those that we should seriously think about emulating. They have done more damge to the Church than good.

  3. Mike says:

    Great post, and great summation remarks in your last paragraph.

    I think, in the final analysis, we only hear what we want to hear…most especially when it concerns our sacred beliefs, and that’s too bad for us.

  1. July 19, 2013

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