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Book Review: An Evangelical Mind

This book review was initially prepared for the course History and Theology of the United Church of Canada in Winter 2012.


An Evangelical Mind: Nathanael Burwash and the Methodist Tradition in Canada, 1839-1918 by Marguerite Van Die is a look into the life of the Methodist movement in the years before it became one of the streams in the United Church of Canada union process. Specifically, the book examines the life and impact of one of its key figures:  Nathanael Burwash. Beginning the book, I admittedly knew nothing of the Canadian Methodist tradition other than some very vague ideas of the circuit riders. I had never even encountered the name Nathanael Burwash prior to this book and cannot think of any other Canadian Methodist by name, either. However, of the streams that came together into the United Church of Canada, it was the one that most interested me as I know more about the British roots of Methodism with John Wesley.