Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

This is funny but also makes a great point:

If you think about it, you can’t help but agree with him.  We, at least in the West, live in a pretty amazing world.  Cell phones – any phone for that matter is still a pretty amazing idea.  Airplanes.  WiFi on airplanes – that one still actually kinda impresses me even as a tech person.  We live long and generally very comfortable lives.  But we complain all the time about the littlest things.  We are spoiled, plain and simple.  But we have been trained, whether it is by society or by our own greed or by demonic forces (if you believe in them as I do), that we are always entitled to more.  This sense of entitlement completely ruins our ability to actually be happy no matter how amazing everything is around us. Maybe deliberately living simpler would enable us to appreciate those things we do have instead of always wanting more?

Ryan Robinson

It is easiest to identify Ryan as both theologian and tech guy. By day, Ryan is a Technical Consultant work with PeaceWorks Technology Solutions. There, he works on websites, CRMs, and SharePoint implementations. Along with blogging here, Ryan is a founding member of the MennoNerds blogging network and a contributor to the book A Living Alternative.