God Enters Stage Left by Tim Day

Ryan Robinson

It is easiest to identify Ryan as both theologian and tech guy. By day, Ryan is a Technical Consultant work with PeaceWorks Technology Solutions. There, he works on websites, CRMs, and SharePoint implementations. Along with blogging here, Ryan is a founding member of the MennoNerds blogging network and a contributor to the book A Living Alternative.

2 Responses

  1. Tim Day says:

    Thanks for this great review of my book. I love that as a member of TMH you feel free to provide a healthy critique. I would agree that I did not develop certain themes in this book and that was for specific reasons. I wanted to introduce the primary theme of the entire scope of Scripture::inner heart transformation, not outward religious adherence, is needed to have a friendship with God..I hope to widen the discussion in my second and third book, one on Jesus (using the Beatitudes as a framework) and one on Ephesians. This other books will hopefully help first time inquirers capture more of the kingdom vision you and others like NT Wright discuss. Thank you again for your affirming words about the book. .

    • You definitely don’t have to worry about me being afraid of offering critiques (especially from a comfortable distance on the Internet) 🙂

      To put it another way, Bruxy sums up the Gospel with four points presented equally while I prefer to see the Kingdom as the heart of the Gospel and the other 3 points as fleshing out what the Kingdom looks like. That subtle difference, for me, helps me keep pushing at the bigger question of what it looks like to be a part of this Kingdom. Others need to spend a lot more time grasping the irreligious part and I am very thankful that TMH in general and this book do such a great job of it.

      In this case, it is much less a real disagreement as it is a point of emphasis. A lot of the people at TMH need this particular emphasis. If the other aspects of the Kingdom weren’t there at all, I’d be worried, but they definitely are.