Homosexuality: A Disputable Matter

Ryan Robinson

It is easiest to identify Ryan as both theologian and tech guy. By day, Ryan is a Technical Consultant work with PeaceWorks Technology Solutions. There, he works on websites, CRMs, and SharePoint implementations. Along with blogging here, Ryan is a founding member of the MennoNerds blogging network and a contributor to the book A Living Alternative.

3 Responses

  1. Christina McReynolds says:

    I like this article. 🙂 It’s a very self-aware and peaceful look on the debate as a whoel and an opinion that I’ve held in my own heart for some years now.

  2. Richard Worden Wilson says:

    Really? Everyone who struggles with some area of sin in her/his life is the only one that can answer how God speaks through his scripture about that issue? It is bad enough that so many people who call themselves Anabaptists and Mennonites believe that congregational authority trumps scriptural continuity, but to place the prophetic mantle only on whoever thinks whatever about their own issues is spiritual anarchy or secular relativism. We are now apparently, like Christina, left to the opinions of our hearts. Bye bye God, I’ve got things to feel. I know, this kind of sarcasm is not peaceful, but neither is making our own ideas equivalent to God’s word, nor replacing God’s Spirit with what we feel in our hearts. Moral deception is spiritual violence–for those who have eyes to see.

  3. Richard Worden Wilson says:

    When OT law prohibits something that is also proscribed by the NT and the Church has consistently considered that behavior as sinful as well, I’m inclined to think that it would take a prophet to overthrow it. About 3000 years of clarity on a moral issue ought not get dismissed even with an avalanche of seemingly reasonable or emotionally persuasive arguments. So, regarding homosexuality in the Church I’m waiting for those who want to say God didn’t mean THAT to step up and proclaim their prophetic status as those who are speaking God’s new word on the matter, because they are assuming that level of responsibility for changing God’s word to us.