House Churches vs “Traditional” Churches

Ryan Robinson

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  1. Allen O. Green says:

    What is meant by the early Church had many different models? History showed that the house church model was employed for the first 200-300 years. They did not switch over until they started adopting Roman practices.

    • Let me fix that wording/get rid of it. Those are the kind of mistakes that happen when I slowly work on posts for a couple of weeks: I think I was starting to write a little sidenote about leadership structures and then didn’t. It was the leadership structures that varied place to place, not the general house church idea in some form or another.

      • ALLEN O. GREEN says:

        Will you delve more on this subject in the future? I am a big proponent of 1st century Ecclesiology. Especially the supposed weaknesses of House/Organic ekklesias. Also what is meant by “with a range of leadership structures that were usually just a matter of contextual sensitivity”? History addresses that as well there was one leadership model which was a plurality of elders with equal standing assisted by a body of deacons. This leadership model lasted just about as long as the “house church” model until once again they started adopting Roman views of leadership.

        • About the house church model in general, maybe. I’m not sure how much more I would have to say without being asked specific questions. About variances in and evolution of leadership structure in the early church… probably not any time soon. I know a bit, but not enough to give a meaningful post without more research and that topic is just not high enough of my list of interesting things to research.

  1. May 16, 2013

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