In The Blink of An Eye: Bad Christian Movie at its Finest

Ryan Robinson

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2 Responses

  1. ttoe says:

    The rapture comes from specific Bible passages that indicate something like it is going to happen. It wasn’t invented for Left-Behind movies. Left-Behind movies were based on the concept already there.

    Maybe instead of judging Christian-based movies for being too Christianity-centered, perhaps you should pay attention to the passages being recited, the words put up on the screen that are put intentionally to indicate where the ideas presented in the movie are coming from.

    The term rapture is relatively new, I think like some time in the early 1900’s is when I think it was coined, but the concept is widely accepted by most of modern Christendom as the accurate representation of what the Bible is talking about when it mentions passages that deal with the children of God escaping the time of trial that is to come on the whole world and in the passages referring to 2 people doing whatever, and suddenly, there is only one, and the passage that talks of Christ coming like a thief in the night, is also seen, by many, as implying something like a rapture as well.

    Now, of course, whatever the Bible doesn’t specifically say or imply, yeah, it’s pretty much guess-work as to how the whole Revelations situation will come about.

  2. ttoe says:

    Actual repentance happens in the heart. How does one demonstrate actual repentance in a prayer?

    That’s why God reads the heart, and why we have no right to judge another. We cannot know if they’re repentant, and to expect some kind of demonstration of that in a movie is rather short-sighted and on the verge of silly.

    Also, the rapture has done nothing to cause Christians to become lazy about caring about their planet. Where do you think the whole environmental movement came from, Atheists? It came from Christians concerned about their world and was perverted into what it is today.

    In fact, most of the progressive things we do came from Christians starting it and later others taking over and twisting it into a different thing. Even the feminist movement, which was started by Christian women tired of their husbands getting drunk and skirting their duties as the man of the house. They managed to get alcohol prohibited for a time. Now feminism is just about the polar opposite of what the founders of the movement stood for.

    No, indeed, the rapture has only given hope to Christians who see the relevance of Revelations presenting itself more and more every day, with every new generation that makes a huge leap in a direction that would actually make the great tribulation predicted in Daniel, Mathew, Revelations, and a few other books not only possible, but even plausible.

    The times spoken of in such books, the signs of those times, as predicted in such books are all around us in politics, in world events, the “progressive” attitudes of the people, and even in the church itself. These movies are made because Christians see these times approaching all around us, and they’re desperately scratching for any way in which people might open their ears and eyes to see what they’re saying and to repent before it is too late to escape this great tribulation like the world has never seen and will never see again.

    The Bible says that when the world turns against Christ the second time, He is going to put a final end to it, and when that day comes, the only thing that will be left will be God, and nobody will have anything except those that surrendered themselves to God.