Jesus’ Gag Reflex

Yesterday the Christian blogosphere exploded after TGC – I prefer not to spell out their name because significant portions of what they teach is antithetical to their title – wrote their latest piece of hatred, essentially saying that gay people shouldn’t have equal rights because they are gross. Yes, that was the linchpin of their argument. I’m not going to do a full response because it really boils down to a simple thing: where’s the love? How do you go around teaching inequality  and judgementalism and then call it Gospel? Isn’t the Gospel supposed to be about grace and freedom from our addiction to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?

I make this post, though, to share some writing of Zack Hunt on the subject. He asked: what if Jesus had a gag reflex? How would that change the story of the Gospels and the Gospel itself? I put his conclusion here but reading the whole thing is helpful.

If Jesus took Mr. Anyabwile’s advice and had the sort of gag reflex he recommends then woman who bled would never have been healed.

Those lepers would have remained outcasts.

Lazarus would never have walked out of his tomb.

And we would not be saved.

You see, Mr. Anyabwile’s rhetoric isn’t just insensitive.

It’s a total annihilation of the gospel.

That’s not to say Mr. Anyabwile or anybody else at The Gospel Coalition can’t hold to their beliefs about homosexuality. They can. But as soon as you start prescribing theology and behavior that is explicitly antithetical to the life and teaching of Jesus, you cease to be a people of the gospel and instead become a coalition of hate.

You can disagree with the beliefs of others and reject the way they live their lives. You can even call them sinners.

But if those “sinners” make you gag and turn away, then you have no claim to the name “Christian.”

Because Jesus didn’t have a gag reflex.

Ryan Robinson

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