Job: Wrestling with Injustice

Ryan Robinson

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  1. Noctilucens says:

    But what would be the NEED for Job “to realize just how unjust his society was” – furthermore, a need so overwhelming as to necessitate such suffering by him?
    He hadn’t been particularly unjust himself before; and he certainly didn’t organise some sort of massive social reform again injustice after having suffered injustice himself. As far as we can tell, his society didn’t become more just after witnessing Job’s unjust suffering.
    So why would he, of all people, need to *feel* the general injustice of the world so acutely?
    A nurse doesn’t actually *feel* the patient’s pain, yet s/he tends to it equally – or more – effectively as if s/he did.

    Anyway, I find Job’s story deeply depressing. His laments are beautiful; but, basically, his questions remain unanswered to this day.