Mark Driscoll on Exclusive Salvation

Oh Driscoll. At it again. Well, at it most Sundays, but here’s another great clip of Driscoll screaming about the wrath of God:

I’m never quite sure whether to just laugh at him, to punch my computer screen, or to be grieved that there is such a following of people who see God as fundamentally wrathful. Here he goes even farther than most in excluding even the possibility for people who haven’t even heard of Jesus going to Heaven.  He does leave a bit of wiggle-room for unborn babies, but not even the usual qualifier of small children who haven’t decided enough reasoning capacity to decide for themselves. If you haven’t explicitly claimed Jesus as your Saviour, you are going to eternal torment. Christianity is about avoiding Hell, and being a Christian is only about intellectual assent. *facepalm* I love that both Driscoll’s uber-conservative church and Rob Bell’s emerging church (although I know he rejects that title) are called Mars Hill. Depending on who you’re talking to, you can tell which Mars Hill they’re referring to based on their theology. I think we should just start referring to people by whether they’re a Bell’s Mars Hill Christian or a Driscoll’s Mars Hill Christian.

Ryan Robinson

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