My First Catholic Mass

Ryan Robinson

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  1. Kevin Daugherty says:

    I have tried going to Catholic mass a few different times with my grandfather, who is both a Roman Catholic and a Presbyterian. There is a lot to love about it, but it also felt strange to me. Since I tend to like simplicity and came from a Presbyterian background, it felt strange. Also, I really do not like the idea of a closed communion. I really think that communion should be given to all. I just like inclusive and simple churches, and the Roman Catholic Church is not that. I also cannot stand hierarchy. I guess I am very congregationalist in thought.

    • I’m curious, then, as an Anabaptist, would you give communion to those who have not professed faith in Jesus at all? For example, children? Or do you just mean an inclusive to all strands of Christianity? I’m the latter myself but I remember my mainline classmates always thought it was weird to exclude anybody from the table.

    • Andrew Mugford says:


      Just out of curiosity, when you say communion should be open to all, would you still keep it for baptized believers only or anyone and everyone who wishes to approach?


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