Scripture and the Authority of God by N.T. Wright (Part 2)

Ryan Robinson

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4 Responses

  1. This is an excellent discussion, Ryan. I, too, like the 5 Act view of scripture. And I think this is an important way of framing the problem of war in the OT. The nation of Israel was still living in a world prior to the redemptive act of Jesus and so God’s grace was given, not to condone war, but to allow it within a world that was still waiting for that fulfillment.

    You might want to chime in on the discussion at MWR. I’ve posited some ideas, some others have posited some ideas. Perhaps this could inform them both.

    • Yes, I definitely think war is a prime example of how the radical climax of Jesus reframed the previous acts of the story. I didn’t get into that here because like Wright I wanted to focus on questions that aren’t too controversial in order to emphasize the hermeneutical principle. Once we have the hermeneutical principle we can then apply it to more issues which we don’t already largely agree on such as violence. I’ll try to jump in on the MWR article later today.

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