Spiritual Warfare: Good vs Evil Places?

A friend of mine pointed me to this great video:

I probably should watch it a few more times to chew through all that he’s saying but I definitely do like at least the gist of it. I agree that we are fighting a spiritual battle. That kind of language is all over the New Testament and appears occasionally in the Old Testament (although mostly in apocalyptic literature so it is hard to know how literal it was meant to be taken in that case). I believe in demons as well as angels. I believe that our daily decisions, big or small, play a part in scoring victories for either side.¬†That said, I don’t think spiritual warfare is about the kind of “magical” processes that this video is critiquing but is rather a battle between what kind of world we are building – one aligned with the Accuser (Satan for those who don’t know their Hebrew) or one aligned with the Kingdom of God.

Particularly, I don’t think any particular place is sacred for good and I don’t think any particular place is controlled by evil. I especially liked his point about how we tend to assume that if its in America (or maybe elsewhere in the Western World), it is good, but if it is elsewhere it is obviously evil. That definitely says something about how Christianity is so tied to nationalism.

What do you think about the video or spiritual warfare in general?

Ryan Robinson

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  1. Mark says:

    I think a lot of what he’s saying is very important and relevant, but may not be recognizably so to people without much experience in any sort of charismatic movement.