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Best of the Rest (January 21st)

I haven’t done one of these in a few weeks so I had to significantly trim down from the original huge list I have been steadily bookmarking since the last one. Here’s some of what I’ve been reading:

Mark Driscoll recently complained on Twitter about how bloggers don’t do anything meaningful but just sit around and pontificate. I can only assume it is response to a lot of his critics. Aside from the irony that he is a blogger and pontificated his judgement of bloggers through a micro-blogging site, he is flat-out wrong. Rage Against the Minivan gave the best response I saw, including this list of things she has personally been a part of doing through her blog:

We build schools in Haiti.

We fund-raise for birthing centers.

We lobby for children’s rights.

We match waiting kids with adoptive families.

We recruit sponsors for impoverished children.

We fund adoptions of special-needs kids.

. . . and these are just the projects that I’ve personally been involved in.  I know a lot of bloggers, and there is no way I could even begin to quantify the kind of “get stuff done” things they are behind. Make no mistake about it, BLOGGERS ARE GETTING THINGS DONE.