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The Flip Side of Modesty Culture

I’ve recently done a few posts pointing out the problems of Purity Culture. There is an important caveat, though, and I’m thankful to this post at Rage Against the Minivan for bringing it up. In short, while a man must be held responsible for his thoughts and especially his actions, a way that a woman dresses can indeed cause some confusion. A woman doesn’t cause him to sin, no, but can definitely cause some confusion. And of course it works for the genders reversed as well, but we usually talk about it in this direction. Some are disagreeing with this, saying that it still is defending the problems of purity culture. Personally I agree with the author but obviously you should consider it for yourself.

Before I unpack that some more, here’s the kind of thing in comedic form that we’re talking about:

In other words, a person goes out of their way to draw attention to their body. Somebody else notices. That person doesn’t initiate any touch, doesn’t stare or make crude faces, doesn’t make inappropriate sexual advances, just is simply caught noticing. The first person gets upset over it.