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We Believe: Eschatology

For whatever reason, eschatology has the potential to get people the most angry about – probably after only atonement – even though it also has the least direct influence on our lives of any of the topics covered by systematic theology.

Here’s Bruxy on the topic:

We Believe: Pneumatology

Pneumatology is definitely one of the more neglected domains of systematic theology. This will be a long post with a few sub-discussions. Here’s Bruxy’s main message:

Atonement - Cross

We Believe: Soteriology Achieved

Atonement theology is one of my favourite topics. Here’s what Bruxy had to say in the main message, continuing our We Believe series at The Meeting House:

We Believe: Theology Proper

Let’s continue with some comments as we go through The Meeting House’s current series We Believe. Next up: theology proper. The original sermon and the After Party are linked below, and most of my thoughts come more from the After Party even though the main sermon was clearly the most important point in discussing theology proper.

Week 3: Theology Proper

I generally don’t get very excited to talk about the Trinity or the various attempts to simplify the Trinity that have been deemed heresy: modalism (1 God, different modes), tritheism (3 gods), or subordinationism (1 god with 2 created subordinates).

Bruxy, as he is very good at doing, focused on the important part, though: God is love. That is the start point, the end point, and every point in between for a good understanding of theology. God is not wrath, although sometimes love looks like wrath. God is not justice, although love does necessitate true world-restoring justice. God is not holiness, although God’s radical love does clearly set him apart as different than us. God is love.


We Believe: Gospelology, Bibliology, and Christology

Most Meeting House Home Churches are on break for the summer, including mine, but I’m loving this series we’re in. It’s essentially a systematic theology 101 course. In some ways, not much so far I haven’t really encountered before; I have taken not only Intro Systematics but also some others in my M.Div. Doesn’t mean I don’t really enjoy it, though, so I’ve decided to basically just release the videos here with some short comments during the summer while I’m not likely to be blogging as often.

Week 1: Prolegomena and Gospelology

Bruxy makes a lot of great points in the first week in terms of cautions for studying theology. Most prominently, it has the potential to make us very arrogant and end up actually in living in ways contrary to Jesus even when we say we’re studying Jesus. That’s a very important caution.