TED Talk: Brene Brown on Shame

Regular readers would know that I put the idea of shame as fairly important in my theological understanding. I believe that what separates us from God is not some abstract rule that God is bound to, so that he is unable to relate to us if we have sinned. I believe it is because of how we respond to sin, usually in one of two ways: pride, which says it was no big deal and we don’t need God, and shame, which says we are terrible and God must not be able to love a sinner like us. Any ministry I’m working in, I try to also heavily emphasize that the church is a group of broken people who are open with each other about that brokenness, without beating each other up about it.

So with that really brief introduction, here’s a great TED talk video about shame. It tackles a lot of great points, and I would especially encourage you to take note of the discussion of how shame plays itself out differently for men and women.

Ryan Robinson

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