The Attempted Rape of Joseph

Ryan Robinson

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  1. Remiel Gythreuliaid says:

    Quote: ‘The thing is, Joseph didn’t actually run from his temptation. We’re just making assumptions about the nature of men and women and projecting more than the story says.’
    *For one, there’s no hint that he was ever actually tempted.* We just assume he was because we assume that all men are sex-crazed animals’

    -End quote
    Knowing my scripture, Genesis 39 isn’t a story that teaches to flee from temptation, and even if that were the case, then we should conclude the story as that of failing to flee from temptation. And where does it even say or imply that Joseph was interested? Joseph’s reasoning in Genesis 39:9 doesn’t necessary mean he was in any relationship, other than being personal property, with Potiphar’s wife. I wonder how the brethren would portray Joseph if he wasn’t stronger than her even physically and truly couldn’t have avoided nor escape the situation? In other words, how would Christians see Joseph if Mrs. Potiphar somehow managed to have her way (euphenism for what is legally called sexual assault and what I would call rape) with a clearly unwilling Joseph? I’d say, being the objectification of someone else’s sexual temptation must really suck.