The Necessity of Simple Living

This is an interesting article from the United Church Observer. It compares two couples, one which reduces its standard of living and another which works a lot of extra hours to continue to have all the extras. If you know me, you’d know that while I also applaud the latter to some extent, I particularly applaud the former. I’ve said before that Christians should be living simply because that was the way and teaching of Jesus and because it enables us to give our excess to those in need. This article talks about another very simple practical concern for our generation: we usually can’t afford to be excessive. Our economy is actually forcing us to be simple. This works for me, honestly, because if the other reasons aren’t good enough for you then hopefully this one will give you the turning point. Regardless of what your motivation is, the article raises some good points: we don’t need to live an excessive life. Even in the rough economic times at the moment, you’ll be fine if you are willing to lower your standard of living from excessive to comfortable.

Ryan Robinson

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