The Problem with “Everything Happens for a Reason”

Ryan Robinson

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3 Responses

  1. That whole phrase: “It’s all in God’s plan”….. bull crap…. NONE of this was in God’s plan… Gosnell, Bangledesh, Afghanistan, my wife’s cancer… none of it is in God’s plan. God’s plan is that the things that will make it so such junk doesn’t happen will come to fulfillment… the fact that bad things happen… God never intended that… Yes, consequences for sin happen… but again, that’s not God’s plan, that’s consequence… God’s PLAN is that we will not sin so we won’t have to face the consequences….

    I call bull crap, along with Zach, on “It’s God’s plan”….

  2. bonniecasad says:

    My recent goal is to research and think upon God’s “sovereignty.” The phrase we’ve all heard isn’t true, at least in the “divine, not mundane” way. But God’s plan? Does God have a plan for each of us? There is a goal for each of our individual lives? I don’t think so. I think God listens to us, and sometimes helps us. I think that when he opens doors or circumstances line up for the good, it isn’t an endorsement of some plan, just grace.

    And even that phrase I used, “opens doors,” does he? He gets credit for the good but not the bad? So confusing.

    • Lots of very good questions that I’m not going to try to answer in detail except to say this: a big part of the problem from my perspective is that Christian thought shifted from being grounded in the Hebraic framework to being grounded in the Greek philosophical framework. And Greek philosophy starts with certain assumptions like absolute control and being distant outside of time which I would say are forced onto Scripture instead of actually there.