Unearthed | Killing Sexual Exploitation at its Root

I definitely approve of the goal behind this movie:

Unfortunately we often approach gender violence – including sex trafficking as focused on here but also including a lot more than that – with bandaids. Or maybe the analogy of the video is better; we’re constantly picking the fruit of the tree until we are exhausted by the tree’s roots keep getting deeper. It is extremely important that we help the victims. Those who are doing so are contributing in very tangible ways to make the world closer to the Kingdom of God at least for the healing of those victims.

Sex Trafficking Triangle

Most efforts focus on stopping Supply and Distribution but can we get to the root by reducing Demand?


It is, however, incomplete and it does not ultimately change the system of oppression. To do that we will need to get to the roots of the problem: the hearts and minds of the oppressors, in this case usually men. We need to not just help women recover from being hurt; we need to encourage men to treat women better. While it may seem like a loss of power for men and that is why we are often reluctant to seek equality, it is important to remember that both oppressor and oppressed are set free by this radical approach to relating to each other.

Ryan Robinson

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