Unfinished Christian Faith

Unfinished by Richard StearnsOver Facebook, Brethren in Christ Canada is holding a book club using the book Unfinished: Believing is Only the Beginning by Richard Stearns. I began reading today and love this fundamental idea from the introduction about how to approach Christian faith as part of the bigger story of God and his people:

Listen carefully to these next few statements: You don’t have to go to the Congo or to Uzbekistan to change the world. You don’t have to be brilliant to change the world – or wealthy or influential or a spiritual giant. But you do have to say yes to the invitation. You do have to be available and willing to be used, and you may have to pay the price that comes with following Jesus because changing the world and following Jesus isn’t easy, and it doesn’t come cheap. There will be some sacrifice involved – there always is.

Our Christian faith is not just a way to find forgiveness for sin in order to enter eternal life, yet it is that. It is not just a system of right beliefs about ultimate truth and the order of things, though it is that. Nor is it just a way to find God’s comfort in times of trouble or a helpful code of conduct for how to live a good and productive life, though it is those things too. Fundamentally, the Christian faith is a call to leave everything else behind, follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and join in the great mission of Christ in our world. It is a call to forsake all else and follow him. Only then will we become completed people – people living according to God’s deepest purpose for our lives.

Update: a slightly over-dramatic intro video:

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