United Church of Canada: 25 Theologians to Broaden Your Faith

It seems like there is always one interesting article in each month of the United Church Observer about the state of the United Church. This one lists the top 25 theologians, as suggested by a survey of 30 UCC ministers, which they would recommend to their parishioners. I’ve read some, heard of others but haven’t read, and haven’t even heard of others. But I do feel proud that when I saw a Twitter post saying “guess who got number 1?”, I called it – guess I know something about the United Church. The list is after the break, and if you want to read the whole thing which includes some description of who these people are and some of the recommended books from it, jump over to the Observer page.

  1. Marcus Borg
  2. Douglas John Hall
  3. John Dominic Crossan
  4. C.S. Lewis
  5. Karen Armstrong
  6. Barbara Brown Taylor
  7. Annie Dillard
  8. Robert McAfee Brown
  9. Thomas Berry
  10. John Shelby Spong
  11. Karl Barth
  12. Frederick Buechner
  13. Elizabeth Johnson
  14. Margaret Laurence
  15. Jurgen Moltmann
  16. Marilynne Robinson
  17. Dorothee Solle
  18. Phyllis Tickle
  19. Kathleen Norris
  20. Matthew Fox
  21. John Polkinghorne
  22. John Haught
  23. Walter Brueggeman
  24. Martin Marty
  25. N.T. Wright

Ryan Robinson

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